Lessons Learned from Dr. Beyster and SAIC

Entrepreneurship means never having to ask permission™

I have been an entrepreneur literally all of my life, and it has taken many forms:  start-ups to Fortune 100 firms in fields as diverse as science,  technology, engineering, real estate, education, advertising, strategy, philosophy, religion, and writing. The only person I ever worked for was an entrepreneur, Dr. Robert (Bob) J. Beyster, founder of SAIC, earlier in my career.  The principles I learned from him carried me forward the rest of my life.

I sent him and his wife, Betty, an Easter Letter in April of this year to wish them a life of continued renewal, with a special thanks to Bob for lessons I learned working for him and SAIC that have shaped my life.  As readers will see, it started out as a  short note of appreciation, but turned into a 3,000-word flood of lessons and plans for my latest venture, to launch these three blogs, which just occurred several weeks ago.

The slogan at the top of this post sums up those lessons, but it alone does not reveal the consequences of living the life of an entrepreneur; those are contained in specific lessons I learned which are described in my Easter Letter.  Bob acknowledged my letter with thanks in his blog and since then I have received a number of requests for a copy of the letter. I decided to post it here and reference it on my LinkedIn account to make it generally available after advising Bob  that I intended to so with pride.  Click on the PDF file below to read the full letter.

Beyster Letter



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