Monetize Your Passion

Would you rather work in a job box of your design,

or somebody’s else design?

USA Employment 2000 - 2011

Get on the Blue Curve

Working for your self today is no longer the high-risk option it used to be, and it is rapidly becoming the new and easily-accessible way to do what you love for a living.  Self-Work is the opportunity of a generation that has reached the tipping point to a new economic era. People are organically forming communities of common interests as builders, buyers, and sellers doing business with each other, like in generations past, but with the speed-of-light digital technology of the Internet.

What makes a career of Self-Work possible for everyone today is the same digital technology that is taking away traditional jobs, what we call “Work in a Box,” or work of someone else’s design.  Let’s face it; paid work of any kind comes with constraints provided by the Job-box.  The question is would you rather work in a box that constrains you by someone else’s design, or one that you designed with constraints of your own making?

The Internet is the New Game Changer

There are 7.2 billion people in the world, surely enough for each of person to make a living from their personal work of passion if only each person could transform their passion into VALUE, and had a way of CONNECTING this value to people who want it.  Modern Internet technology now allows individuals to do both.

The Internet is the master platform that can connect every person in the world to every other person for all purposes, including commerce; the current levels of Internet Access by population and country as of June 30, 2012 are:

  • 79 % of North America,
  • 68% of Oceania/Australia,
  • 63% of Europe,
  • 43% of Latin America,
  • 40% of Middle East,
  • 27% of Asia
  • 15% of Africa

What’s new and growing rapidly are Micro-Internet Platforms operating on top of the master Internet platform.  These micro platforms are designed to allow individuals to facilitate every kind of work-value exchange imaginable.  There are four major categories of these micro platforms emerging for building a new world economy on top of the master Internet platform:

  1. Computer programmers are building  Micro Interactive Platforms (MIPs)  on top of the Internet to facilitate billions of value exchanges hoping for a big payout.
  1. Individuals are using these MIPs to sell the customized products and services made with their passion using these platforms for small fee to earn a decent living.
  1. Individuals are buying customized products and services their passions have always desired from the comfort of their homes using these platforms to do business with the individual producers of customized value.
  1. Individuals are sharing idle assets and community interests in a “collaborative consumption” movement using MIPs to facilitate tangible and intangible exchanges, some involving money and some involving ideas and information.

Large “macro-platforms,” like Amazon, primarily sell mass-produced commodity products and services at the lowest prices, including renting their financial buying/selling platform to individuals.  The long-term buying trend is towards mass customization—giving each customer a unique high-quality product or service that they want. This demand can only be satisfied by small communities of passionate self-workers.

Micro Platform Examples

Platform builders, sellers and buyers are learning from one another as this new economic ecology comes fully alive.  Below are a few examples of micro-platforms out of thousands, with more are being created every day:

For more information, contact Dr. Robert Harris:





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