Arc de Trump

©Robert Harris 2016

This guy is leading all candidates to become President of America

If Trump becomes President, will he redevelop America into the greatest Trumpnation ehva?  If “ehva” means “to create a more perfect union” that’s the everyday POTUS job description and in strict compliance with our Constitution, which is good; but great? What does he know about making a nation great?  (I thought America WAS the greatest country ever. I will ponder the “over and under” on this question and report after consulting with my gaming expert, Couch Slouch, aka Norm Chad).

The main skill Trump has demonstrated repeatedly is picking up distressed properties all over the world and turning them into “fabulous.”  That’s what he is good at and it has made him very rich.

Trump became a billionaire starting out with no workers, a measly $200 million pot to draw from, influential family leads and connections, and a blue blood education from diaper school to Wharton.  Imagine what he could he do starting his new job with a 157 million workers (not to mention the 34 million of these looking for work), an $18 trillion per year income stream (current GDP), and the most advanced nation in the world generating over 20% of the world’s income among 190 other nations in a world of 7.3 billion potential customers?

The possibilities boggle the mind!

If he wins, one of his first moves is sure to be a face lift for the Capitol City. He will probably want to build the biggest and best National Monument “ehva” in the center of the National Mall to celebrate his, and America’s, victory.  National Capitol MallHis Arc de Trump will be a beautiful blend of post modern and historic design unlike any other in history, one that ushers in the new Trump Era of a great new America.  The surface of the Arc de Trump facing toward the long finger of the National Monument will be emblazoned with intricate full-relief sculptures of all the amazing things acquired by Trump in his amazingly branded life—his tall beautiful women, tall buildings, long gorgeous golf courses; his fabulous wine, water, steaks, blue suits, law suits, red ties, and “you’re-fired” guys; and, of course his amazing orange hair.

On the other surface facing the National Capitol Building will be two long lists engraved on the two legs of the arch with a giant marble lion logo situated high on top of the arch’s cross bar with his slogan:

                                          Making America Great Again.

On the first list are the properties Trump developed and later sold in amazing deals for him (Trump University, Trump Airlines, Trump Casinos, Trump ex-wives, etc.); on the second list are all of the many people he competed against throughout his life (he won big against these losers!), starting with Lindsay Graham.  These lists are gentle reminders to members of Congress and other world leaders.

Room is left on both sides of the Arc de Trump for future entries to be made, as needed, during his tenure as POTUS.  Wins need scores.

The gaudy elegance of the Arc de Trump would put the one in Paris that inspired it to shame instantly, saying to the world:

 “America is back. Don’t mess with us!” Arc_de_Triomphe,_2_August_2015_002

The DC economy will explode with eager tourists coming from all around the world to admire the Arc de Trump and wallow in America’s greatness, providing they could get in legally, of course.  This arch will be so amazing, taller and bigger than any other monument “ehva!”  People would be willing to pay to see this amazing new Trump National Monument.  In fact, according to Trump, “they WILL pay and enjoy doing so because I always find a way to make great profits from the great Trump Brand.”

Only this time it’s for all American citizens, his new bosses.  Why?  Because he promised he would make America Great, and “the Donald” always keeps his promises.   Its the only way to be great.

If Donald Trump is elected President in November, he would trump Ronald Reagan by six months becoming our oldest POTUS “ehva” at 70, another win for Trump.  There can “nevah ehva” be enough wins.



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