Wanted: A Congress for All Seasons

Sir Thomas More, Lawyer for King Henry VIII,                 and a man for all seasons.

 Laws for society and science are similar: They work until we push them to their limits and they no longer work, and then we have to change them to make them work better beyond old limits.


Sir Thomas More was beheaded in 1535 because he refused to endorse the absolute power of his King.  Sir Thomas More, not only lost his cushy job at age 57 in 1535, he literally lost his head, but he was true to  himself to the end.  Of course, More was tried in a kangaroo court of fake justice and found to be guilty of treason. Sound familiar?

First, Richey Rich, the toady Solicitor General, told a stupid lie about More in exchange for becoming the Duke of Wales (for Wales? See 1968 movie Lion in Winter with Peter O’Toole as Henry).  Then, more seriously, a Trumped-up charge of “speaking against the King’s Supremacy,” was levied from a hastily-written law (classified memo?), Treasons Act 1534,  saying such beliefs are treason with penalty of death (same as losing you job today)!

Is history trying to repeat itself?

Be a Congress for all seasons.  Dylan Thomas told us how:

Do not go gentle into that good night.      Rage, rage against the dying light.





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